Battlefield Mobile APK 0.6.0
Battlefield Mobile APK 0.6.0

Battlefield Mobile APK 0.6.0

By CBCC - March 25, 2022
Name Battlefield™ Mobile
Version 0.6.0
Size 95MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update March 25, 2022 (2 months ago )

Battlefield Mobile Mod is an action shooting game provided by ELECTRONIC ARTS. Role-play as a gunman to enter the ultimate RPG battles. Your mission is to compete with other players in team battles. The game combines RPG elements to open a large, extremely brutal battlefield. With a lot of modern features added, giving you an impressive combat experience. Graphics, effects, along the environment where the battles take place. Everything is reproduced very realistically. In particular, the game requires participants to be connected to the internet. At the same time, you must accept the terms and privacy policy from the system. At the same time, the developer agrees not to sell the player’s personal information. Will keep information in the safest way.

Download Battlefield Mobile Mod – Fight Other Guns In Team War

The gameplay of Battlefield Mobile Mod takes place in the style of online shooting. Here, you assemble a team of professional shooters. Your opponents are other players, from all over the world. They are all talented shooters, with rich combat experience. Moreover, you also have to face powerful combat vehicles. The appearance of armored tanks will affect the team’s battle plan. The war took place on a large scale. With moments of tension, the brutality of military war. Difficulties follow difficulties, if your team is not well prepared, it will be in danger. Because the war that has begun will not be stopped. You can only choose to continue fighting or die before the enemy’s gun.Battlefield Mobile Mod

Personal skills on the battlefield

Although Battlefield Mobile Mod is a first-person shooter game. Promote teamwork in every battle. However, individual skills are still the most important factor. It determines the final outcome of the war. At the start, you can move freely on the battlefield. Use the equipped gun as a combat tool. Combine agile observation skills to detect enemies early. Attack accurately with the gun in hand. Continuously firing bullets, not giving the enemy a chance to counterattack. At the same time, change the weapon to suit the situation of the battle. Besides attacking, you also have to learn how to defend yourself when in danger. Take advantage of the terrain and surroundings. Quickly hide behind objects to avoid enemy bullets.Game Battlefield Mobile Mod

Strategy, armored tank commander

The strategy in each battle can change the situation for the better or for the worse. Depending on the coordination between you and your teammates in the battles of Battlefield Mobile Mod. Each team member can use a variety of weapons. To create the best team. Each member needs to take on a specific role. Send out a pioneer gunman to actively pave the way. At the same time needing support from a sniper. By flexibly coordinating between members in a team. From there, it is possible to destroy all enemy forces. What’s more, you can command armored tanks. Open large-scale campaigns. Combined with support from teammates. Can turn the tide of the battle for the better.Tai Battlefield Mobile Mod

Graphics and sound design

As soon as you join Battlefield Mobile Mod you will immediately notice an impressive background. With the battlefield taking place in a large city. With the surrounding environment, scenery, infrastructure architecture. Along with the impressive design of combat vehicles such as armored tanks. Combine character-shaping in the style of military soldiers. With flexible, realistic movements on the battlefield. Along with careful refinement of the image. Everything is designed on a 3D platform. Help players feel the dramatic battle, more attractive than ever. Mixed with the excitement of the sound. Shown through the sound of bombs, along with the footsteps of the character.Dowload Battlefield Mobile Mod

Improving your character’s abilities will help you confidently face tough challenges. At Battlefield Mobile Mod there are many things for you to upgrade your character. Skills, equipment, support items, and more. Especially weapons are an indispensable element to increase combat ability. Choose from many different guns to bring into battle. From there, it can be flexibly changed with the surrounding environment. For example, when you are attacked by an enemy from a long distance, using a sniper rifle is a correct choice. Or melee attacks. Use a machine gun or rifle with high mobility. Can flexibly attack the enemy with continuous rounds of bullets. You can even use a knife to assassinate enemies from behind.

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