Battle For Wesnoth Apk 1.14.17-57
Battle For Wesnoth Apk 1.14.17-57

Battle For Wesnoth Apk 1.14.17-57

By trangha94 - August 17, 2022
Name Battle For Wesnoth
Version 1.14.17-57
MOD Features N/A
Size 41.9MB
Requires Android 2.3, IOS 7.0
Category Games, Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Alessandro Pira
Genre ,
Update August 17, 2022 (1 month ago )
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For gamers who are passionate about top strategy games, it is certainly no stranger to Battle For Wesnoth. The game is set in the medieval knight war in the West, so it is extremely attractive and attractive. Let’s join Download and experience this unique riot war right now!

Introducing the game Battle For Wesnoth 

Introducing the game Battle For Wesnoth 

Battle For Wesnoth is a unique tactical combat game released by Alessandro Pira on mobile version. Since its launch until now, the game has achieved a lot of success and has a firm position in the hearts of professional gamers.

With tactical and intellectual gameplay, this game will bring you back to the fierce but equally interesting and impressive medieval war.

What’s attractive about Battle For Wesnoth?

Gameplay and setting

Battle For Wesnoth is set in a medieval fantasy war in the West. Players will transform into the king of the kingdom and control his army to invade other lands to expand the territory. After a victory, you will receive experience and resources to upgrade your army.

This game helps players practice the skills of building battle tactics by playing with the machine. After you have mastered it, you can play online with friends or other gamers around the world.

Build unique tactics

Build unique tactics

The most attractive point of the game is that players can create their own maps and build the most unique tactics. The game provides tools such as: land, river, sea, hills, castles, trees, .. You just need to build them into your base firmly, preventing attacks of enemies. enemy.

Your army, your base is strong or weak depends entirely on your ability to build tactics. So the game requires high skills but is also extremely attractive to players who love to explore.

Diversity of soldiers

Game provides players with many types of soldiers such as:

  •       Infantry: Use spears, swords, and shields that can counter cavalry and defend well
  •       Archers: Using crossbows, bows with long range can overcome infantry, but defense is not high.
  •       Mage: Cast spells with high damage and long range but not much defense.
  •       Cavalry: Horse or beast infantry can counter archers, short range but high movement speed and damage ability.

Sound, graphics

The game is designed in pixel style, so you may find it familiar but not outdated but extremely suitable for today’s trend of strategy games. The game also has day and night graphics, many impressive and new shadow effects.

The soundtrack of Battle For Wesnoth is quite mysterious, suitable for strategy games and the most powerful, fierce and realistic battle sound effects.

Frequently asked questions when playing the game Battle For Wesnoth

Frequently asked questions when playing the game Battle For Wesnoth

1. Can game be played offline?

You can choose to play with the machine to practice offline. And when playing with friends, you need an internet connection to play!

2. Does the Battle For Wesnoth game automatically level up?

No, You need to win matches to get more experience to be able to level up.

3. Where can I download Battle For Wesnoth for free?

Download the game at there will be no cost. In addition to this game, if you love strategy games, you can try now: Game of Nations: Epic Discord , Empire Defender TD , Clash of Beasts: Tower Defense ,

How to download Battle For Wesnoth for Android, IOS

How to download Battle For Wesnoth for Android, IOS

What are you waiting for, download game  to your device to experience the greatest battles of all time. Link download game by offers are attached to this article. Good luck downloading the game!

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