Bacterial Takeover MOD APK 1.34.10 (Free Shopping)
Bacterial Takeover MOD APK 1.34.10 (Free Shopping)

Bacterial Takeover MOD APK 1.34.10 (Free Shopping)

By pew999 - August 1, 2022
Name Bacteria Takeover
Version 1.34.10
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 68.66 MB
Requires Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0+
Category Arcade, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher SIA Fufla
Genre ,
Update August 1, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Bacterial Takeover MOD – an attractive game, that attracts players with new content. Journey to become a tycoon of an evil organization, sipping to destroy our blue planet. Let’s learn more about Bacterial Takeover through the article below.

What is Bacterial Takeover MOD?

Bacterial Takeover allows you to create an army of microscopic creatures that can capture the entire survival of a country or continent. They can destroy a large planet if the conditions are right. Biological weapons – this is a terrible force that threatens most of the defenses of the armies of the world.

Once the epidemic broke out suddenly, the whole Earth could be destroyed. As an evil doctor, you can find a method of breeding, speeding up the growth of your army to carry out the destruction of the Earth. Your task in Bacterial Takeover MOD is to create a huge army of bacteria and destroy planets in the solar system.

Bacterial Takeover – allows you to choose how you play, e.g. fully automatic, where your main action is the role of an observer, preparing for invasion; Or you can choose to have complete control, directing all the processes to take place. From mutations, to radiations, upgrades, nanotechnology,…

Unique Features of Bacterial Takeover MOD

Bacteria Takeover MOD

How to play: simple, fun

With just a few clicks, you can perform difficult breeding phases, using even advanced nanotechnology models. You can also destroy the Earth as well as the planets around it.

The number of bacteria is super high and terrorist

With the ability to breed many types of bacteria in just a few short minutes. Form an army with countless mutant, scary, dangerous bacteria. Successful completion of the set tasks.

In addition, Bacterial Takeover has other highlights

Contains large numbers of bacteria.

Using the most difficult to destroy Nano technology.

Viruses can mutate.

Discover bacteria that increase minerals.

There are many achievements for you in Bacteria Takeover MOD

How to download Bacterial Takeover MOD to your phone

In simple steps we will show you how to download Bacterial Takeover to your phone through LMHMOD website. This is a reputable website, highly secure user information and especially to help your phone avoid malicious code when downloading games or applications to your device.

  • Step 1: Search or access the LMHMOD website through the link.
  • Step 2: Next, you go to the keyword Bacterial Takeover MOD and click search.
  • Step 3: Complete the download and you can join the game Bacterial Takeover.

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Why is math incorrect?

Numerous things can go wrong or appear to have gone wrong because almost every aspect of the game is based on math and numbers. When destroying planets, in particular, the math doesn’t seem to make sense. The quantity of bacteria required to wipe out the first half of the population is less than the quantity required to wipe out the second half. Based on the SIR model, which forecasts the spread of infectious diseases, this is done on purpose. The majority of the time, strange or unexpected numbers are the result of rounding errors, the incorrect belief that some statistics, like RRT, should be multiplicative rather than additive, or – in extremely rare cases – actual bugs.

The gold bacteria on my screen—what are they?

You have an unutilized BPS bonus if you have golden or yellow bacteria. If no bacteria have been produced from tapping for more than a minute, the idle BPS bonus provides more bacteria per second.

Why does it take a long time for me to play after downloading?

This is the case many players have encountered, maybe because your phone has a weak configuration, so starting the game will take a long time. Or it is possible that the device’s free space measurement is not enough, affecting your gaming experience.

Does the game have Vietnamese mechanics?

Currently, the manufacturer has not added Vietnamese to the game, but it will be resolved in the next update.

Download Bacterial Takeover MOD APK to iOS/Android phones

Download Bacterial Takeover MOD now to be able to experience exciting moments with the army of dangerous bacteria. Be a talented leader, lead the army of bacteria to destroy all the planets in this galaxy.

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