Mod APK 2.7.17 (Unlimited Money, Coins) Mod APK 2.7.17 (Unlimited Money, Coins) Mod APK 2.7.17 (Unlimited Money, Coins)

By LMH - May 27, 2022
Version 2.7.17
MOD Features Unlimited Money/Coins
Size 86MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Action, Games
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update May 27, 2022 (1 month ago ) Mod is a completely new and extremely attractive survival game on mobile. This gameplay is one of the good survival games and quite easy to play. In terms of gameplay, this gameplay is basically the same as other survival games. That is, when entering the game, players will only have empty hands and will have to start their journey in search of weapons, food, and shelter. The special and interesting thing about this gameplay is the weapon system.

Although the weapon system is extremely diverse, it does not use modern weapons such as guns, mines, etc. But only uses traditional weapons such as Axes, knives, swords, etc. This will give players the atmosphere as well as a real sense of survival. In a battle, you will need to try to destroy all your enemies with the ax. We have equipped and defaulted to you that ax. You just need to do that job is to throw the ax so that they are exactly the target you want to defeat. Through each throw, you will need a cooldown period before you can continue to make the next throw.

Download Mod – Experience survival life in ancient times

If you have played other survival games before, surely Mod will not make you feel surprised and interfere too much when playing the game. The movement, as well as some features of this gameplay, are completely similar to those of survival games such as pubg, free fire. Players right after entering the game will be able to choose a multiplier. your objects and give them names. The character system is extremely diverse with both male and female characters.

Depending on the gender as well as the preferences of each person, you can choose for yourself a character you like best. After that, immediately participate in the rehearsal that the system has prepared for you to be able to familiarize yourself with the movement and basic features of the game. Do not hesitate any longer without downloading this gameplay right away and participating in the battle for survival right away. mod Mod – Maintain life and destroy enemies

In your survival journey, the first and most important job you need to do is to find life. There are countless dangers out there lurking and threatening you. If you are not careful or subjective, you can die at any time. However, there are also many items out there that help you not only to be able to maintain life but also to create combat weapons. Destroying enemies you can get loot with equipment as well as food hidden in them. Try to destroy all the enemies around you and keep in mind that the enemy is also hunting you.

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Choose and customize your character

There are 2 main characters for you to choose from, the male and female characters. However, the character does not decide nor affect too much the game, but it is also a factor that determines your match. This is because the characters are sold at a high price, they will certainly have special characteristics and features. For example, characters with fast running skills or characters with higher defense than normal characters. These things are not great, but they also somewhat support you. in urgent situations. And the good character, the player will certainly feel the more motivated and more fighting spirit.

Weapon system

When it comes to the game’s weapons, although there are no modern weapons, Hack has an arsenal with many different types of weapons. Weapons have appeared since ancient times and people in this period used them to make a living and survive. Want to give players the most realistic feeling and experience.

So the game publisher decided to choose such weapons. Even so, these weapons still have great power and you can still destroy the enemy easily. In each match, you can search and also create weapons from the materials you find. In addition, when successfully destroying the enemy, you can also receive a lot of their weapons.

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If to choose a real survival game with the same experience and gameplay as real-life survival. Then I would be bold and certain that there is no survival game that can surpass this game. Mod is not like the regular version at all because, in this upgraded version, players will have unlimited money.

That means you can shop for free, but the money also increases when you spend it. Mod Unlock all characters and weapons in the game simply and easily.

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