Atlantis minimal idle MMO APK 1.98
Atlantis minimal idle MMO APK 1.98

Atlantis minimal idle MMO APK 1.98

By CBCC - March 18, 2022
Name Atlantis minimal idle MMO
Version 1.98
Size 98MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher CapPlay
Update March 18, 2022 (2 months ago )

Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod is a simulation game. Open up an exciting adventure in the fantasy world. The gameplay of the game is extremely attractive. Revolving around fighting activities with dangerous creatures. Your mission is to accompany the character in the game. Repel the attacks of monsters. At the same time hunt and destroy them to protect the peace of the world. The game is designed in the style of idle simulation. You will get a better understanding of the content, through the engaging and detailed storyline. To bring a new experience, different from games with similar gameplay. CapPlay developer has provided many unique features. Combined with the impressive environment, shown through different contexts.

Download Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod – Battle Against Animals To Survive In The World

The story of Atlantis’s minimal idle MMO Mod takes place after the battle between humans and animals. Adopt a peace treaty to demarcate the boundary. The two sides will not infringe on each other’s sovereignty. Humanity has chosen to live and develop in a small land. However, over time there have been changes. The line between humans and animals is blurring. The world between the two sides is getting closer together. The beast faction monsters didn’t comply with the pact. They begin to open wars to invade the human world. Fires, carnage attacks on human territory continued to occur. The monsters are plotting to rule the entire world. Push people to step into the darkest land. To erase the number of human life.Game Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod

Protecting human civilization

Continuing the story of Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod. To be able to survive, as well as protect human civilization. Humans need to explore unknown lands. Through long, dangerous journeys. They found large areas of land suitable for living. But very soon, the monster came again. Notice their keen sense of smell. They know that, only by defeating evil monsters can they live in peace. However, with the terrifying power of the monster. Their powerful attack ability. To be able to defeat, destroy all enemies is a very difficult thing. But that is the only option to be able to survive. Join the game, you will play the role of a hero, representing humanity. With the mission to fight the monsters.Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod

More than 120 monsters and bosses

During the battle of Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod. You will face more than 120 monsters and bosses. For example, poisonous spiders, green demons, ice demons, etc. Each type of monster possesses impressive attack capabilities. Especially the appearance of bosses in battles. Make the difficulty increase, as well as create more challenges. Because the boss possesses superior power. The ability to damage and defend is far superior to ordinary monsters. In particular, you can only fight alone. So it requires the hero’s ability to be very strong. After each kill monster and boss. You will have a chance to get gold coins. Along with the loot to be able to equip. Using them will help heroes increase their combat power, achieving greater efficiency.Download Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod

Heroes, more than 150 equipment

Coming to Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod you can role-play as one of three different heroes. Each hero has its own fighting style. Through the weapon system and individual skills. Includes swordsmen, archers, and magicians. The heroes are designed to look quite impressive. At the same time can equip items to increase strength. With more than 150 pieces of equipment provided by the system. Divided into different parts. Includes helmet, shoulder armor, leg armor, shoulder armor. Robes, gloves, shoes, and costumes. Types of equipment have their own strength stats. Through unlocking or collecting from battles. Hero’s strength is improved after use. Can compete with stronger monsters.Tai Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod

Experience battles in Atlantis minimal idle MMO Mod. You will discover more than 20 different locations. From the beautiful fairy forest to the coldness of the Icewind Valley. Adventure in the forgotten ruins. Or traverse terrifying murky depths. There are many other locations that will be known to you during the game. Each location appears many species of monsters. But that will help the hero’s strength improve. From there it is possible to complete the quest full of monsters. Protect human civilization from their domination plot.

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