Art Puzzle Mod APK 3.7.0 (Unlimited Hints)
Art Puzzle Mod APK 3.7.0 (Unlimited Hints)

Art Puzzle Mod APK 3.7.0 (Unlimited Hints)

By CBCC - June 25, 2022
Name Art Puzzle - Live Jigsaw Coloring
Version 3.7.0
MOD Features Unlimited Hints, No Ads
Size 52MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Puzzle
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Price FREE
Publisher Easybrain
Genre ,
Update June 25, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Are you an art lover, enjoy the beauty, then don’t ignore the Art Puzzle Mod game. The game was developed by Easybrain, play the game right away to be immersed, explore the world through the pictures. With each pre-drawn picture, your job is simply to choose the right color. By guessing what color each detail and scene needs to add correctly.

Then color to create beautiful works, masterpieces, bringing soul to each picture. Just for you to relax your mind, you can also see the simple miracles around us recreated. Through the game to learn more about how to mix colors, go the right color. You can also use your own knowledge to create countless complete pictures.

Download Art Puzzle Mod – Coloring Puzzle

You have to go to work, go to school, under a lot of pressure of life, in your spare time want to find a game to clear your mind. Art Puzzle Mod is a great game if you want to have fun without causing stress. The gameplay is very simple, even good for the brain, right with the game to learn because there is a part that needs you to think.

Playing the game you will see a whole collection of different types of paintings, with a lot of scenes. The everyday images in life, the story are also described through each picture. Your work will help the pictures with only the available lines, no color, still nothing special. You need to add color, choose the right colors for each detail to create complete works.

The difficulty of the game is that you have to guess, solve puzzles, think, Use the knowledge to see how to color correctly. It is not simple, a whole picture will need to have many colors to get the right color, which will be a hard thinking process. Newly finished paintings according to requirements, design, similar to the original.Tai Art Puzzle Mod

The Magic of Art

In Art Puzzle Mod, there are not many pictures, it can be considered that this is the game with the most collection of pictures. Of course, it took a long time to draw this much. But not sketchy, but each picture has its own story. Creativity is in art or in that it is based on the inspirations, in reality, the emotions of the creator. Every work in the game is the same, it is hard work to complete. Help players immerse into the wonderful world, see another world. Through each picture, see the beauty in life, giving players the motivation to continue at work.

Art Puzzle Mod

Performing Daily Tasks

Do not let the players get bored, every day there are challenges and tasks given. Art Puzzle Mod always updates the latest things, the task is also changed every day, each event to match. Create more motivation, increase the spirit of striving when every day playing the game is a challenge for yourself. The picture of each day is different, completely new for matching color matching work. It is possible to see a new work again, adding to the collection of masterpieces once completed.

Game Art Puzzle Mod


Really, when it comes to the graphics of the Art Puzzle Mod game, there is no problem to blame, everything is so great. Although it is as simple as choosing a picture, making drag movements, choosing the right color to cover the picture. But each picture is a unique work of art, extremely beautiful, each line is taken care of little by little.

Or the whole game can be considered a great work, when created, carefully tried to make every image sharp. A static game, but the graphics are beautiful, vivid to the player. The game is also very light, does not take up much space, but the image is not inferior to any other game. Still running smoothly, ensuring users feel the most comfortable when playing.

Download Art Puzzle Mod

Download Art Puzzle Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

Art Puzzle Mod, unlike most other games, requires money, an essential value. With this game, there will be no items that need to be purchased to help players easily win, or increase prominence, create highlights. The pictures are already available, all have certain strokes, the color images are also available on the toolbar.

The job just needs to see where it fits, then add it there. But not every picture you can guess right away. There will be very difficult questions, it may take a long time to solve, to be correct, to complete the work. It’s not even possible to find the right one, but don’t worry about this new version that has been suggested by the Unlimited Mod. You can use it to solve difficult puzzles and challenges that you can’t overcome forever.

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