Army Toys Town Mod APK 2.9.1 (Unlimited Points)
Army Toys Town Mod APK 2.9.1 (Unlimited Points)

Army Toys Town Mod APK 2.9.1 (Unlimited Points)

By thetoan - March 12, 2022
Name Army Toys Town
Version 2.9.1
MOD Features Unlimited Points
Size 115M
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher Naxeex Studio
Update March 12, 2022 (3 months ago )

Army Toys Town Mod is a simulation game that combines role-playing and action. Have you ever thought about the war between the toys in your house? That is something you will experience in this game. The miniature toy models have revolted in their own world and are ready to confront anyone for the right. An army soldier, superhero, dwarf, Arabian king… can all move around in your home. They will be free to move and do what they want. And you too. You are also a fun toy that always finds a way to tease other guys. Take advantage of the environment to finish off the tiny toys and take the lead in this chaotic world. You can drive cars, planes and use various weapons to fight. Let’s start that action-adventure now.

Download Army Toys Town Mod – The battle between tiny toys

Army Toys Town is the place for you to make your crazy thoughts come true. When I was a child, everyone thought of creating a battlefield for toys. And now we can do it right on our phones. You will be the best toy – a super cool military policeman. You will have many tasks to complete, but you can also move freely to admire the scenery or tease others. This is an exciting fantasy world beyond imagination with endless interactivity. Any item can be used, so you are free to deploy good strategic plans. Interact with other toys, team up or fight each other and strengthen your position. Do that now.


Explore the virtual environment and fight

The game gives you a realistic virtual environment, which is a room with lots of toys. It may seem small from a human perspective, but for the tiny toys, it’s a whole big world. You can go through many different areas from the dining table, study table, kitchen, toy slide, and more. You can drive cars, police cars, tanks and even helicopters. It is useful to perform a car race or run away from the crazy chases of violent toys.

You will meet many friends who are just like you but come in different shapes. They seem to come from many worlds, ancient yes, modern yes, fantasy also. Therefore, each person will have different origins and characteristics. It’s hard to get along with them, so don’t hesitate to fight. You can fight or race with anyone, or drag a friend out of the car, then steal the car to piss him off. Or you can also participate in larger-scale wars such as a war of words in the air or with tanks, armored vehicles, guns, bombs, bullets… In general, use whatever, turn your dream room into a dream room. Become the battlefield to honor the fighter like you in Army Toys Town Mod.


Customize your toy with weapons and accessories

It’s fun to play, but don’t forget to complete the assigned tasks. Because you will get money from them to buy something you like. You can customize your character with hats, pants, shirts, bags, glasses, and a variety of guns. Don’t just pay attention to the looks, you should focus more on unlocking the weapons. But if you have a lot of money, don’t hesitate to pay for an impressive look. Unique accessories will make you stand out from the crowd of ordinary toys.

The use of weapons will be quite simple. When you want to attack, just click on the weapon icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select the weapon you want and click to shoot. As for moving, you just need to click on the joystick on the left side of the screen. Coordinate your movements and attacks well to ensure an advantage in any direct confrontation.


Colorful and realistic 3D graphics

Army Toys Town is designed with realistic 3D graphics. Images in the game from toys, objects, backgrounds … all look close and friendly. The game context is very prominent with the combination of many hot colors. The characters have a unique appearance, smooth movements, and a series of funny gestures. All in all, everything is good, making it possible to play on the phone comfortably without lag. The image is beautiful, so it is very attractive to play over and over again without getting bored.

If Army Toys Town Mod is your thing, download it now to your phone. It is something new and different from many action simulation games today. Playing as a toy in a tiny world, sounds crazy right? But it’s really fun for you to explore colorful fantasy environments and join funny battles with various toys. Let’s start it now because it’s free to download and play.

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