Army Men Strike Mod APK 3.119.0 (Unlimited Money)
Army Men Strike Mod APK 3.119.0 (Unlimited Money)

Army Men Strike Mod APK 3.119.0 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - January 19, 2022
Name Army Men Strike
Version 3.119.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 151MB
Requires Android 4.2
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher Volcano Force
Update January 19, 2022 (1 week ago )

Army Men Strike Mod is built with strategic gameplay. Unleash miniature wars in the house. You become a military leader, holding the right to lead the toy army. Engage your toy soldiers in tower defense battles. In this miniature world war, the war is played out in real-time. Prove yourself to be a good leader. Strategize and arrange your army of minions. Your enemies are towers, equipped with powerful defenses. Lead an army of toys to destroy enemy towers to complete missions. Win to collect loot and upgrade your army.

Download Army Men Strike Mod – Toy Army Battles

The graphics of Army Men Strike Mod are designed in a cartoon style. The scene unfolds in a large house. Weapon systems such as cannons, tanks, or constructions, barracks. Everything is built-in toy style. Especially the soldiers are depicted in a single green color. The battlefield takes place on a carpet on the floor. With flat terrain, divided into many different routes. War effects through uniquely designed cannons, weapons, or soldiers’ attacks. Accompanied by realistic sound quality every time the battle takes place. Combine fun soundtracks, giving you more exciting battles than ever.Download Army Men Strike Mod

Building a command post, a defense system

Start Army Men Strike Mod from the base building. Use the bedroom to build the command post. Set up many defense systems around to prevent enemies from attacking. Build a treasury using the piggy bank. From there, you will have a place to store resources. Get magnets to make metal suction tools, get building materials, and craft. At the same time transport resources by tiny train to the necessary locations. Besides building bases, you also have to build defense towers. Because the enemy can attack suddenly, making you unable to stop. Building defense towers will help keep the base safe. They will attack any enemies that appear within your territory. Over time, you need to use resources to upgrade your command base and defense towers to function better.Tai Army Men Strike Mod

Build your army, improve your strategy

Build battle armies to unleash wars of aggression. Recruit elite soldiers to pioneer, lead the army to participate in wars. Make the right strategy by selecting and arranging soldiers. Take to the battlefield with the strongest squad to destroy the enemy base. In addition, Army Men Strike Mod allows you to upgrade green toy soldiers. Based on units like weapons, tank units, sniper units, and artillery units. Simultaneously assemble and build bombers to carry out air combat operations. Attack the enemy base, destroy all troops and defense towers to win.Army Men Strike Mod

Battle site

The battlefield in Army Men Strike Mod takes place in many different locations. In the kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom. Each battlefield has its own path. When sending troops to the battlefield of drama. Soldiers will parachute down from the air. You need to be observant to put the army on the most suitable route. Destroy each defense unit in turn, then destroy the enemy command post. Your team will win. From there will collect loot, valuable resources.

Combat force

In Army Men Strike Mod there are many fighting forces. Next to the green toy soldiers. The game also provides powerful combat vehicles. Includes tanks, missiles, fighters, cars. Or household items like rubber ducks. There are even transforming robots. At the same time a lot of different guns for you to equip the soldiers. Help them increase their attack ability during battle. Easily destroy units and destroy enemy bases.Game Army Men Strike Mod

Coming to Army Men Strike Mod you can connect with many other players around the globe. It is possible to chat with online players and form an alliance. Fight together and cooperate in battles. More than that, you can open wars of aggression. Deploy tactics to destroy other players’ bases. For the purpose of expanding the territory, strengthening the military power.

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