Archero Mod APK 3.3.2 (Menu, Immortal, High Damage)
Archero Mod APK 3.3.2 (Menu, Immortal, High Damage)

Archero Mod APK 3.3.2 (Menu, Immortal, High Damage)

By CMB - October 21, 2021
Name Archero
Version 3.3.2
MOD Features Menu, Immortal, High Damage
Size 66MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Category Action
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Price FREE
Publisher Habby
Update October 21, 2021 (3 hours ago )

Belonging to the action game genre, but the designs in Archero Mod are extremely funny and cute. If you are an archery hobbyist, you will definitely not be able to ignore this game. Transformed into an extremely skilled court god of the tribe in the kingdom. In the eyes of everyone, you are a superhero protecting the kingdom from hostile forces. The dark forces in the game are extremely powerful. Their force was even more numerous and increased continuously. You are alone and have only a bow as a companion in each battle. The enemy always wants to kill you so you need a cold head to be able to destroy all the enemies. Protect your kingdom’s safety and defeat the dark forces. You will be honored and honored by everyone in the kingdom. Winning each match you will receive extremely valuable rewards.

Download Archero Mod – Participate in catastrophic battles with a special bow

When you start the game you can not immediately start fighting because you do not have the skills and information about the game. Archero Mod will guide you in detail on the features as well as an overview of the game so that you can approach and get familiar with the game. As soon as you have practiced and accumulated enough knowledge and experience, you can come to the invasions to expand the territory. In each battle, when you destroy the enemy, you can pick up money and equipment. You use that money to buy new weapons, new equipment for your character. In addition to increasing the power, you can also upgrade your character, upgrade your weapons to increase the ability to attack and defend to destroy the enemy more easily. Download this gameplay now to your device and join the battle game with the admin right away.

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Challenges ahead are waiting for you

In each match, there will be hidden dangers because the monsters in each match are different. They have the power to spoil their own characteristics. Furthermore, they can appear anywhere in your military base. Maybe in front of the gate, behind the gate or they may also appear immediately in front of your eyes.

In addition, in the journey to save the world, pitfalls are always lurking and threatening your life. Monstrous traps, unpredictable transformations they want to hinder your journey. The stones can also become fireballs attacking you, or extremely dangerous mobile electric traps. They can cause you to be stunned for a few seconds or slightly injured, but behind the traps are extremely valuable gifts. Try to win to bring glory to yourself.

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The diverse combat weapon system

The special thing that makes me the most and most impressed about this game is the archery. In fact, you can only shoot one arrow at a time, but it is different in the Archer Mod. You can buy or also upgrade the bow to higher levels to be able to shoot more arrows. And when maxed, each shot can shoot 7 arrows. Interesting, is not it?

Not only that, but the supporting skills also help you greatly. Choose a skill that suits your character and weapon and practice them to be able to use them effectively and effectively.

Pets are a great companion that cannot be ignored. They will help you attack enemies or can also help you restore a certain amount of health in times of danger.

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Although the gameplay is not too new, Archer still retains a large fan base because of the challenges in the game that are extremely attractive. This gameplay is considered by the gamers to be difficult to play because the challenges in the game are difficult, the monsters are too crowded and strong. The Hack Archero version is completely different from the regular version. In order to give the player a more breathable part in each match, in this version. The power of the weapon has been greatly increased, there’s unlimited gold for you to shop for completely free gear.

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