Arcaea Mod APK 3.12.8 (Unlocked)
Arcaea Mod APK 3.12.8 (Unlocked)

Arcaea Mod APK 3.12.8 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - April 28, 2022
Name Arcaea - New Dimension Rhythm Game
Version 3.12.8
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 591MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Music
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Price FREE
Publisher lowiro
Update April 28, 2022 (4 weeks ago )

Arcaea Mod is a music game. Designed completely new rhythm gameplay. In a 3-dimensional space, with impressive effects expressed through touching, holding, and sliding on the screen. With a harmony between colorful lights, in a world of musical conflict. You will experience extremely interesting arcade gameplay. Challenge yourself in a series of melodies that are played at a very fast pace. Go to the limit of music to the tunes of hundreds of songs. Composed of hundreds of famous singers from Japan and around the world. The game runs to the music through the music melodies. Don’t miss a beat to complete a song. From there, you can unlock new songs. Continue your journey of discovering the music you love.

Download Arcaea Mod – The Journey to Collect Fragments of the Past

The story of Arcaea Mod revolves around two young girls wandering in a dark world. A lot of fragments of the past have called the two girls to come. But only one person is chosen to collect the fragments of the past. Over time, their disagreements and conflicts began to appear. By disagreeing about the dark world of Arcaea. Everyone has their own perspective as to how the world is better now. The other thinks that the world of the past is the best time compared to the present. Join the game, you choose one of the two girls to enter the music-playing screen. Collect fragments to prove your point is right. Instead of fighting-style gameplay, the game used musical tunes instead. Every tune is a fragment of the past.Arcaea Mod

Music playing process

Enter the Arcaea Mod’s musical conflict. Musical tunes appear on the screen and automatically run from the top. Your task is to tap, hold and slide to collect. Each music melody is designed with different colors and lengths. For long music melodies, you need to touch and hold until they are all gone. During that hold, short melodies will appear continuously. Requires concentration, feel the music, combine your observation skills. Tap each tune in turn to complete a song. Not missing any music will help you get the maximum score. From there will complete the task with the best achievement. New songs can be unlocked. With attractive and interesting music melodies in a fast-rising tempo.Download Arcaea Mod

More than 160 songs

Up to now, Arcaea Mod has more than 160 songs, composed by hundreds of singers. However, you cannot experience free music. In addition to the two songs provided, you need to use the money to unlock them. Use bonuses received from completing previously played songs. You can choose your favorite songs to explore. Each song contains many musical melodies. The tempo happening depends on each melody in the song. It can be fast or slow at any time. Besides, the system constantly updates new songs. With so many genres of music that many people listen to around the world. Help you have new experiences, not get bored after a long time.Arcaea Mod

3 different game levels

Arcaea Mod has 3 main levels of play including easy, medium, and hard. Each level is designed with different gameplay and pacing. Usually, in the early stages, when new to the game. You should experience the easy mode to get used to the gameplay and keep up with the tempo of the music. After playing music for a while, the skill has improved. You can confidently challenge yourself in hard mode. With a very fast tempo, the music drifts quickly. Especially appearing at the same time a lot of short and long melodies intermingled. Displayed throughout your musical journey. Focus on playing music, don’t miss any tunes. You will achieve a very high score, complete the mission with excellent achievement.Game Arcaea Mod

Arcaea Mod also offers some interesting competitive features. Through the online scoreboard, you can know your score compared to other players. Besides, you can make new friends compete by sending them achievements. Conversely, they can also invite you to challenge with catchy music. Completed excellently, from there, you will be able to climb the rankings of people with good achievements.

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