Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod APK 7.6 (Immortal/Neutralize Enemy)
Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod APK 7.6 (Immortal/Neutralize Enemy)

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod APK 7.6 (Immortal/Neutralize Enemy)

By CMB - January 13, 2022
Name Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020
Version 7.6
MOD Features Immortal/Neutralize Enemy
Size 187MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Adventure
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Price FREE
Publisher Frenzy Games Studio
Update January 13, 2022 (4 days ago )

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 gives gamers the exciting experience of being a commando. The gameplay is inspired by anti-terror movies around the world. Players will transform into an elite commando ready to perform the tasks assigned by the organization. It is to destroy dangerous terrorist organizations. In the city where you live, there is an organization that shoots and kills many innocent people, attacks buildings, and destroys many facilities. They also take children and women hostage to force the city government to comply with favorable conditions. Players will have to prevent them from doing evil things anymore. Equip guns, ammo, protective gear and break into their base. Together with other professional commandos destroy all terrorists and return peaceful life to the people. With a meaningful storyline along with high-quality graphics, gamers will have a great and entertaining experience.

Download Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod – Fight against terrorism and protect a peaceful life

The cities in Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod have an unstable political situation. Terrorist organizations have taken advantage of the situation to destroy people’s lives. In order to carry out a plot to dominate the whole city. Players will join their teammates on a mission against these terrorists. Fierce gunbattles broke out. You will control your character with a joystick to move continuously. Combined with the fire buttons on the screen, continuously discharge bullets towards the enemy. Must be very careful and skillful to avoid being attacked by the enemy. These terrorists are extremely dangerous because they have undergone rigorous training. You can’t underestimate them, just a little mistake will get shot and stop the game immediately. Find a safe place to hide and watch to destroy them from afar, ensuring your own safety. Note: Do not mistakenly shoot at your teammates, you will be deducted points. Try to destroy as many enemies as you will receive a large bonus and attractive gifts.

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 mod apk

Style play

What Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod attracts many gamers is because of its accessible gameplay. There will be function buttons neatly located in the bottom right corner along with a joystick in the left corner of the screen. Helping players to distinguish clearly and the operation will also be smoother and faster. When you first join, you will perform the quest at the lowest level. The match has only 3 enemies so you can easily defeat them all. Then it will be transferred to the next level and the difficulty level will increase gradually. Practice playing regularly to be able to master the character control and improve your aiming skills.

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 game mod hack

Various Weapons

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod has a dedicated arsenal for commandos. Players will be able to choose the best weapons they want. Examples: Rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, or sniper rifles from a distance. In addition, you can carry grenades to let all the terrorists disintegrate at the same time. Players will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with all the weapons in the gameplay. And understand the usage of each. Help you make smart choices and match the combat situation. All guns have unlimited ammo, so feel free to shoot at the enemy without worrying about running out of ammo.

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 mod

Multiple battle locations

Join Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod players will discover countless beautiful scenes. Each stage will be in a different location so that players do not get bored. For example City, the desert, the abandoned house, in the forest, etc. You will feel like you are traveling, looking at all the scenery, not fighting anymore. In particular, sometimes you can also move to the battle site by parachute or helicopter. So at this time, take advantage of the time to immerse yourself in nature, admire the beautiful scenery. Please pass all the missions and challenges on the battle screen to be able to explore all the locations in this gameplay.

Game Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 mod

High-quality Graphics and sound

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod is in the form of first-person shooting, so the publisher has designed the gameplay with 3D graphics. Players can observe the enemy easily. Every detail and image is built with care and enthusiasm. Along with eye-catching colors will help players feel like they are fighting in reality. Various sounds of guns and the noises of life. Exciting or dramatic background music to change to suit each situation. The perfect combination of 3D graphics and sound simulates the shooting battle scene in the most realistic way.

Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 lets you experience the dangerous mission of a commando. You can experience specialized weapons for war, participate in dramatic battles. Satisfy your shooting hobby and passion for exploration and adventure to many locations around the world. Download Anti-Terrorist Shooting Mission 2020 Mod to fight against terrorism and become a real commando.

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