Anime: The Multiverse War MOD APK 1.8 (Unlimited Money)
Anime: The Multiverse War MOD APK 1.8 (Unlimited Money)

Anime: The Multiverse War MOD APK 1.8 (Unlimited Money)

By naomi988 - July 28, 2022
Name Anime: The Multiverse War
Version 1.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 34M
Requires Android 4.1
Category Action, Games
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Room Studios
Genre ,
Update July 28, 2022 (2 weeks ago )
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Anime: The Multiverse War MOD is an interesting puzzle game. Let’s explore the world of superheroes fighting to protect their own territory. The game promises to bring players more interesting dramatic things.

About Anime: The Multiverse War MOD

Anime: The Multiverse War will bring players to hand-to-hand battles of characters without a divine anime space. There is no one who does not know the anime genre of the country of the Rising Sun. It is a sky of separate spaces. Each character will belong to a different world. Each world has a different storyline that creates a unique brand. In this place, however, the worlds will merge into one and form a larger world. Since then, fierce battles will take place between the worlds. Joining any competition, victory is always what everyone aims for.

With Anime: The Multiverse War, players have the ability to role-play and give orders to heroes. The number of heroes is up to 30. The heroes focus on all kinds of professions and categories. Born to be ninjas, witches, hunters,…

The game gives players a lot of unique experiences. Not to mention how the game battle takes place? Is the gameplay engaging or not? Just looking at how all the masters of many worlds are connected together is enough to make everyone feel excited. Here players will be able to meet friends, face-to-face to win. Truly a game worth experiencing.


Traditional action game, hand-to-hand combat with heroes and villains in anime series known by millions. The way to control the characters in the game Anime: The Multiverse War is also quite familiar, similar to these hand-to-hand fighting games. Below the screen, on the left will be a set of buttons to control the direction of movement, and on the right will be 4 skill buttons, respectively, X-Y-A-B.

Besides, you also need to learn how to use the right skills such as A to jump, press A twice to double jump, hold X to defend, press the middle button + Y to launch a high-damage move. ,… It sounds complicated and has too many details to memorize. Therefore, you need to practice well to gain an advantage in the match.

Graphics- sound

Sharp graphics

Anime: The Multiverse War is designed with 2D graphics. It sounds like nothing special, but the graphics of the game are extremely outstanding with the right images and colors. Give players a world with beautiful, smooth scenery. Owning a full range of scenes from rivers, forests, cities, … Because of this, since its debut, Anime: The Multiverse War has never been hot.

Fighting games always appreciate the ingenuity of the player. And for the convenience of players to manipulate, the image of the game must be very neat and professional. The characters in the game are focused on designing and improving the animations so that the movements are always smooth and smooth.

Vivid sound

In addition to great graphics, sound is also an important aspect for a fighting game. Anime: The Multiverse War possesses extremely realistic sound effects, screaming,… This is what makes the game unique. You can easily catch similar vivid sounds at Zombie Gunship Survival, Vector,

FAQs about Anime: The Multiverse War MOD

What age is the game suitable for?

The publisher requires that the game is only suitable for ages over 7. This is one of the mandatory terms of the player. For the best experience, parents should observe children during play to limit the situation of imitating characters.

Is Anime: The Multiverse War MOD safe for phones?

Anime: The Multiverse War MOD is 100% safe for players’ phones. Eligible applications to be uploaded to the LMHMOD website must undergo extremely rigorous security tests. That will keep the app from posing any risk to the player’s device. You can be absolutely sure about the above.

Does the game cost money to download?

Anime: The Multiverse War MOD is brought by LMHMOD for free to players. All players can download and enjoy this fascinating game without spending any money.

Download Anime: The Multiverse War MOD game for Android

It can be seen that Anime: The Multiverse War MOD gives players great relaxing moments. If you love diverse fighting games, Anime: The Multiverse War will surely satisfy you. Download the MOD version game now at LMHMOD to experience it right away.

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