Angry Birds Seasons Mod APK 6.6.2 (Unlimited Money)
Angry Birds Seasons Mod APK 6.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

Angry Birds Seasons Mod APK 6.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name Angry Birds Seasons
Version 6.6.2
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 100MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Arcade
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Update March 13, 2022 (4 months ago )

Angry Birds Seasons Mod is one of the versions of the Angry Birds game series. Provided by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. A publisher is known for entertaining Angry Birds games. In this version, the game has been updated with many new features. To give players an enjoyable experience. With the gameplay taking place according to the plot. Revolving around the battle between the birds and the green pigs. Here, the game is provided with a lot of new themes. Along with nearly a thousand levels taking place in many different levels. A series of exciting events, weekly tournaments. Or task per day according to the time limit. Along with that is an attractive reward system. In particular, you can also connect to the Internet to link directly to the Web.

Download Angry Birds Seasons Mod – The Battle Between The Birds And The Green Pigs

Explore 31 owners in the Arcade game of Angry Birds Seasons Mod. With a lot of new content, extremely rich. Each theme opens up many different levels. As each level increases, the difficulty also increases each time you enter the next level. More interesting, when you can freely explore. Play freely with your favorite themes. Besides, each topic takes place in a different environment. The next possible environment is the sea ice and snow environment, the natural mountainous environment. Or the environment in the deep forest. There are many other interesting environments according to their own themes. Exploring all the topics will take quite a while. But it certainly won’t make you feel bored. Because each topic will bring a unique experience.Angry Birds Seasons Mod

More than 925 levels, increasing difficulty

More than 925 different levels of play take place in 31 themes of Angry Birds Seasons Mod. Each level opens a battle between birds and pigs. Pass each level playing in the themes in turn. The difficulty from there will gradually increase each time you move to a new level. With more difficult challenges. The number of pigs that need to be defeated is more than before. Their location and blocking obstacles are changed. Requiring your skills to help the birds defeat the pigs. Parallel to each level is an attractive reward system. Complete a level playing with excellent achievements. Through the number of stars achieved, up to 3 stars. From there will receive interesting rewards.Game Angry Birds Seasons Mod

The gameplay has not changed

Similar to other versions of Angry Birds. The gameplay of Angry Birds Seasons Mod has not changed. In the course of the play levels. Your mission is to help the birds attack the pigs. Through the slingshot provided. Shoot the birds towards the pig herd’s base in turn. With the goal of defeating the entire herd of pigs and destroying their base. To win the game screen. Requires your slingshot shooting skills. Combined with the special ability of each bird. Precise attacks on key enemy positions. Causing their base to collapse, the pigs were annihilated. Each level is getting more and more difficult. You need to improve your shooting skills more accurately. Only then can you win in the next levels.Angry Birds Seasons Mod

Improved graphics, fun sounds

The graphics of Angry Birds Seasons Mod have been greatly improved. Sharp 3D image quality, vivid environment. The activities take place in very fun levels. Along with a lively atmosphere in many different themes. Combine the beautiful effects of birds when attacking. With the collapse of the pig herd base. Everything will be reproduced vividly during the gameplay. Besides graphics, sound quality also plays a very important role. Help players feel the exciting atmosphere. The sound is expressed through the fun of the birds. Every time win or prepare to attack.Download Angry Birds Seasons Mod

In addition to the levels playing according to the themes of Angry Birds Seasons Mod. The game also opens exciting weekend tournaments. Here, you can compete with your friends or other players. Through challenge, mode to show your skills of shooting the birds. Not stopping there, in the classic game levels, which are played out every week. After conquering the challenges, get the highest achievement. You have the opportunity to collect the bird eggs. Successfully hatching eggs will receive valuable rewards.

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