Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK 1.41.3 (Unlimited Coins, Lives, Booters)
Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK 1.41.3 (Unlimited Coins, Lives, Booters)

Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod APK 1.41.3 (Unlimited Coins, Lives, Booters)

By CBCC - April 27, 2022
Name Angry Birds Dream Blast
Version 1.41.3
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Lives, Booters
Size 152MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Puzzle
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation
Update April 27, 2022 (4 months ago )
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Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod is a puzzle game published by Rovio Entertainment Corporation. With an interesting puzzle style, players will accompany the Angry Birds birds. With the task of combining them together and blowing up everything around in the map. There are colorful balloons with many different colors. You will have to find a way to blow it all up or perform a similar task that the system offers. The game has a fun space with cute birds, so it has attracted many participants. On the Google Play app alone, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads. Along with that, it received more than 46 thousand positive reviews from all over the world.

Download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod – Create Big Explosions

Unlike the usual Angry Birds games. That is, the player will enter the battle to bombard the enemy’s base or rescue teammates. Along with that is the time limit and the number of shots is also limited. Make players find ways to aim accurately. And calculate the ability to move in the right position to create rubble on the enemy base. Simultaneously destroy the entire army and their base to win. Then in Angry Birds, Dream Blast Mod is completely different. Here you will enter a lively and fun world with colorful balloons. With the task of finding balls of the same color. Or create explosions to make as many balloons burst as possible.

Interesting gameplay

The gameplay of Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod is quite simple. You will quickly get used to it in a short time. Start entering the game screen, on the screen will appear a lot of bubbles. Players need to perform tasks according to the system’s requirements. For example, make the balloons fall to the ground or destroy the green pigs. Now you just need to combine the bubbles together to create Angry Birds. Then tap on them to make explosions appear. This will be the perfect combination on purpose, by combining many bubbles to create the Redbird. However, Red can only create a fairly small explosion on the map. You need to combine two Reds to get Chuck or combine two Chucks to create Angry Birds Bomb. If you want the explosion to be bigger, you will have to create many combinations.Download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

More than 5000 levels

Besides, Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod owns more than 5000 different levels. Each level will bring you exciting adventures. However, each turn will consume a portion of energy and they will decrease gradually. To be able to continue playing, you will need to wait a while for the energy to recover. In addition, the Angry Birds are very important factors, to help you complete the level. They will be inside the bubbles and when clicked will explode an area around them. During the game, you need to have a good guessing ability. For example, the bubbles are surrounding the birds. You then create an explosion to push them together, causing the next explosion to rise higher.Game Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

Graphic design

The graphics of Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod are designed on a 3D platform. Bring players into lively and fun gameplay. The game interface is carefully polished with diverse and bright colors. Along with the meticulously designed image quality, you can see through each bubble. Create impressive characters with extremely cute Angry Birds. Combining excellent effects, expressed through explosions gives players a feeling of excitement. Besides, the sound is lively and the background music is funny. Help players increase the excitement when participating.Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod

When downloading the Mod version of the game Angry Birds Dream Blast, players will have the most interesting experience. As you know, each level will consume energy. This means that the number of turns is also limited, making you uncomfortable. However, when you download the Unlimited Money Mod, you can enjoy exploring. By using that money, to buy more energy and continue the game. Besides, the game gives you moments of relaxation and entertainment. And you can experience it anytime, anywhere. So download Angry Birds Dream Blast Mod to create big explosions with the birds.

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