Angel Saga Mod APK 1.87 (Mega Menu)
Angel Saga Mod APK 1.87 (Mega Menu)

Angel Saga Mod APK 1.87 (Mega Menu)

By CBCC - April 28, 2022
Name Angel Saga: Hero Action Shooter RPG
Version 1.87
MOD Features Mega Menu
Size 182MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Action
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Alchemist Games Inc.
Update April 28, 2022 (4 months ago )
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Angel Saga Mod revolves around the battle of Myel. A heavenly angel is summoned to hell to fight demons. Transform into the angel Myel to fight, you combine the power learned to defeat the enemy. Exciting prison escape game. Fight non-stop to advance into the next dungeons. Defeat the final boss to win. This is an action game, designed with monster fighting gameplay. In a gloomy space, your appearance will attract monsters. They rush to attack with the aim of taking your life. Now, the destiny of the angel Myel is in your hands. Follow the path you have chosen, destroy all monsters in hell to complete the mission.

Download Angel Saga Mod – Accompany Angel Myel in the Dungeon War

Publisher Alchemist Games built Angel Saga Mod game with prison escape gameplay. Angel Myel possesses the ability to fight from a distance, being an archer. Using weapons on hand can attack enemies with huge damage. Your mission is to accompany the angel Myel to defeat all the monsters. Then move into the dark vortex to enter the next dungeon. Pass each dungeon in turn, you will come to the final challenge. Here, you have to defeat the boss to end the battle and complete the quest. In each dungeon, after defeating the devil, you will get gold coins. Also, unlock new skills. This gives you more strength, as well as improved combat ability after each challenge.Angel Saga Mod

Watch out for obstacles, take advantage of the terrain

During the battle in the dungeon of Angel Saga Mod. You need to pay attention to the surrounding obstacles. Spike traps, poisonous traps appearing on the ground are extremely dangerous. If you accidentally step on it, you will lose blood. Health will continuously decrease the longer you step on. Or the walls are built in many different positions. They help you not to be detected by the monsters behind. But it is also an obstacle, making it impossible for you to attack enemies within a safe range. Requires you to move to the appropriate position to attack. At the same time, this will cause monsters to detect, they will rush to attack you. However, if you know how to take advantage of the surrounding terrain. You can easily kill all the monsters in the dungeon without losing a single drop of health.Game Angel Saga Mod

Various types of monsters, boss fights

In each dungeon of Angel Saga Mod, there are many types of monsters. It’s not just monsters that have the ability to rush forward to attack. And devil trees also appear, they will attack when you go into their range of action. Shoot magic bullets to make you lose blood. The deeper you go into the dungeon, the more difficult the difficulty increases. Not only did more monsters appear, but their strength was also increased. In particular, you will have to fight bosses in the final dungeon-like wolves, scorpions, etc. A huge shape, possessing a large amount of blood, can withstand a lot of attacks. Along with the ability to fight persistently, make you encounter a lot of difficulties in the process of defeating. Use all your learned power and skills to fight. Move flexibly to avoid the deadly attacks of the boss. After defeating the giant boss,Tai Angel Saga Mod

More than 60 skills

Throughout the journey to destroy the evil to overcome the dungeon. You will have the opportunity to unlock a lot of new skills. After using will help you easily destroy the enemy quickly. With more than 60 skills provided by Angel Saga Mod. You are free to explore and choose to use the right skills in each battle. Not only that, each skill has its own advantage and strength. Using it effectively will help you complete the task easily. For example, in the arrow rain skill, thousands of arrows fell from the sky. Causes enemies to be quickly destroyed or cause the boss to lose a huge amount of health. Likewise, the ability to attack consecutively with magic arrows. Causes enemies to immediately lose their lives without having time to counterattack.Download Angel Saga Mod

Upgrading power by equipping will help angel Myel increase combat ability. Here, you can equip weapons, costumes, hats, and angel wings. With 4 types of equipment provided by Angel Saga Mod, the angel Myel will be much stronger. Each piece of equipment after being used will increase the corresponding power. For example, weapons will increase physical damage and magic damage. Likewise, hats, wings, and skins will increase defense and health. From there, you can easily fight in dangerous dungeons.

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