Almora Darkosen RPG Mod APK 1.0.97 (Unlocked)
Almora Darkosen RPG Mod APK 1.0.97 (Unlocked)

Almora Darkosen RPG Mod APK 1.0.97 (Unlocked)

By CBCC - January 13, 2022
Name Almora Darkosen RPG
Version 1.0.97
MOD Features Unlocked
Size 65MB
Requires Android 4.1
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Gear-Studio
Update January 13, 2022 (4 days ago )

Almora Darkosen RPG Mod opens a retro style war. Takes you into a fantasy world, with frenzied hack-and-slash action. In an open world, you can chat with NPC characters. Through them to perform the task. Explore dangerous areas, fight hordes of monsters. Move freely, do what you like. This is a role-playing game, you become a warrior. With a variety of missions, experience the ultimate RPG battles. Use the warrior’s fighting skills to destroy all monsters. Win in dramatic and fierce battles. Complete quests to get lots of valuable items.

Download Almora Darkosen RPG Mod – Explore Mysterious Places in the Land of Almora

Background of Almora Darkosen RPG Mod opens in the vast land of Almora. It has many different areas such as towns, caves, fields, swamps, dark forests, cliffs, valleys, and many more places. Here, you play as a warrior with the task of exploring this land. Meet NPC characters in town for quests. Or look to some other NPC characters to learn and do some other activities. Also, collect crafting items and resources through battles. Defeat monsters in forests, fields, and many other locations to complete quests. This is an adventure of your own, with a process of self-development. Complete missions, in turn, to become stronger, able to face all enemies.Almora Darkosen RPG Mod

100 missions to do

More than 100 quests for you to do, including main quests and side quests. Each mission of Almora Darkosen RPG Mod takes place according to the storyline. Search for resources on the vast map. Smash wooden crates to collect gold coins. Pick up materials and items on the journey to craft weapons and necessary tools. Explore mysterious lands in search of minerals like iron, ore, silver, and gold. Also, dig underground chests to collect valuable resources. Along with that, you will encounter monsters along the way. Destroy them with weapons in hand, combining skills learned. Defeat all monsters to continue your survival journey.Game Almora Darkosen RPG Mod

More than 1500 different items

The game offers more than 1500 different items for you to discover. Includes weapons like sword, ax, shield, knife, spear, armor, pants, gloves, hat. Support items such as potions to increase health, increase mana and herbs. Or keys to open chests and a lot of other minerals. In particular, among the more than 1500 items of Almora Darkosen RPG Mod are divided into different categories. In order from basic, advanced, rare, unique, and legendary. Each type of item has its own effect, supporting the warrior in the journey of survival. For example, weapons are used to attack enemies and protect themselves. The potion is used to restore a certain amount of health or mana. Minerals and materials help you craft weapons or other items.Download Almora Darkosen RPG Mod

Over 300 crafting items

Besides gathering resources, crafting will help you get the necessary items. Almora Darkosen RPG Mod offers over 300 items for you to craft. Use the materials collected from the war. Or resources, minerals in the journey of survival. You can craft the items you want. Upgrade it to a higher stat, increasing its effectiveness when used. It is even possible to craft rare items that are, moreover, unique. For example, combine several materials to create offensive weapons or defensive outfits. Even crafting special keys, used for many different purposes. Or repair degraded equipment.

Boss fight

In Almora Darkosen RPG Mod you don’t just fight ordinary monsters. Sometimes will have to face the boss, the ruler of the monsters. It has strong fighting power, possesses a huge amount of blood. Can withstand a lot of attacks. Requires your combat skills, flexible movement combination to attack and defend, dodge. Efficiently harness the warrior’s power using powerful moves. After defeating the boss, the items and resources you receive will be more than the normal monsters.Tai Almora Darkosen RPG Mod

Possessing a diverse combat skill system. Over time, your warrior will learn a lot of new skills. With a variety of skills provided by Almora Darkosen RPG Mod. Examples include casting spells, poisons, healing, disappearing, and more. Besides, you can hire mercenaries to assist in the battles with monsters and bosses. In particular, mercenaries are very strong, often have more fighting power than you.

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