Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD APK  3.1.8 (Unlimited Money)
Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD APK  3.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD APK 3.1.8 (Unlimited Money)

By thiendi01 - August 20, 2022
Name Aliens Drive Me Crazy
Version 3.1.8
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 59.3 MB
Requires Android 4.4, iOS 11.0+
Category Games, Racing
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher Cezary Rajkowski
Genre ,
Update August 20, 2022 (3 weeks ago )
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Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD is a funny action game on a mobile basis from the publisher Rebel Twins. Your main job is to smash, snipe guerrillas to destroy the harassing aliens, in an extremely lovely and intimate way.

About Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod

Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod: destroy many things to drive aliens out of the earth. Related to aliens but why is this so cute.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy 
About Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod

Aliens Drive Me Crazy has a very strange new idea. Talk about humanity at some point in the future being continuously harassed by all kinds of alien ships, wreaking havoc everywhere. You play the role of a chubby hero who is annoyed by this illegal encroachment reality and decides not to stay in one place.

He got in the car, turned on the engine, held the weapon and was fully prepared to smash anything to be able to quickly destroy these aliens.

The story is also very simple

The story is also very simple. However, what makes me unable to take my eyes off is the solution that the game is approaching. Not ostentatiously ostentatious, 3D images are not used to describe the horror of Aliens or flying saucers like people often see in games on aliens.

Instead, elegant visual techniques and sophisticated use of color were reused to create highly animated, entertaining objects. As you can see from the main character’s face to the visual construction in each level.


I am immersed in the world of children rather than a bloody battle. That’s why the alien theme became as comfortable as a joke. And it is possible to immediately confirm that this is a very simple but addictive game, because of their wit.

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Let’s pay attention from here always Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod is not an endless running game guys. To understand more about the gameplay, let’s see how it originates and continues.

The first scene

In the first scene, everyone’s hero takes on the challenge with ease. Users only have to rush back and forth on the road to earn money, upgrade themselves and collect as many hearts as possible.

The hero will be given a small car, and the user will use the swipe action to tap the screen upwards to jump, and downwards to avoid bullets from the aliens.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy 
The first scene

The following scenes

However, this leisure period is not much. The next scenes immediately appeared many strange items: buildings of all kinds, constructions, different colors and different heights appeared one after another. Your must at this point is to drive through the floors of this building.

Swipe up to jump upstairs, and from there swipe down to make a stomping gesture to collapse the floor of the floor you’re standing on. Thus, it can be seen that the movement must now be a double move, two in one. Therefore, the difficulty and fast requirements of the game are also greatly increased.

More exciting

Going and smashing, we will see more and more excitement when looking at the broken floors, messy items, scattered all over. More advanced is the spaceship shooting phase to explode the body, ignite the whole screen. I say it’s very comfortable.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod
More exciting

In addition, coins and red hearts are increasing more and more. These hoards will help you unlock many other cool things along the way such as upgrading weapons, changing cars, changing clothes… So keep up the good work to find coins, everyone.

At the end of each block, we will meet more enemies and they are holding a certain hostage. The work to do at the end of each scene will become shooting the enemy, saving people, finding the key, finding the detonator to destroy the whole house, that’s it.

Help icon

Oh I noticed that when playing the better levels, the block is almost blocked by aliens from all sides, so we will be very busy, three heads and six hands are also less likely to handle them all. . However, keep in mind that one kid now has a Help icon above his head.

If you can save it, then you can tear down the block. If you forget it, you haven’t passed the scene yet. Saving people is better than building seven buildings.

Support local immortal mode

According to the rules of this game series, 10 scenes can have a boss. At the moment, you usually have a pretty heavy weapon in your hand, but the ammunition is very scarce. Every time you can only shoot a few shots, you will be able to hold it. So maybe it is extremely high.

However, fortunately this game supports immortal mode in place, which also means that even if the movie breaks, it will still respawn and the creation will appear again immediately, not from the beginning.

Technically clever

Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod is also a game with a random sequence of levels and scenes. Prove that even if you play from the beginning, you will find many things that are always new and mixed without much overlap. It is this clever technique of placement that is addictive in the game, although the event itself and the character’s journey are not so outstanding.

Good music

There is one more point you need to admit to yourself: the game music is very good. In the game the guerrilla shooting phase, or the times to destroy the house to get closer to the goal or even the detonator phase to collapse the whole block …

Always accompanied by sound effects that are not too thorough, The illustrations are authentic and sound very pleasing to the ear.

Where is download Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod?

It’s not difficult at all. Just go to the LMHMOD download and just wait for the job to be completed and you can start using it. 

Which publisher from Game Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod 

Aliens Drive Me Crazy publisher famous for action genres. And this takes the foundation from the previous blockbuster games and applies more techniques to launch this game.

Can be used Offline in Aliens Drive Me Crazy mod?

Play without a wifi network offline. Completely offline, guys, that’s the highlight of this game, helping everyone easily take advantage of their free time and fight.

Download game Aliens Drive Me Crazy MOD for android

Who said this game is for children, but I find it very suitable for any adult. You can have excellent entertainment moments with a super beautiful game with images and attractive content. Download the game Aliens Drive Me Crazy to play, everyone.

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