Age of Magic Mod APK 1.44 (Menu/Damage/Immortal)
Age of Magic Mod APK 1.44 (Menu/Damage/Immortal)

Age of Magic Mod APK 1.44 (Menu/Damage/Immortal)

By CBCC - June 28, 2022
Name Age of Magic
Version 1.44
MOD Features Menu/Damage/Immortal
Size 157MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing, Games
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Price FREE
Publisher Playkot LTD
Genre ,
Update June 28, 2022 (2 months ago )
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Age of Magic Mod opens epic, heroic battles. With battles revolving around true magicians and dark forces. Fierce wars are taking place in a time when the fate of the world is about to be destroyed. True mages are fighting relentlessly to change the course of the world. Your mission is to accompany the magicians to fight the forces of darkness together.

Assemble a group of mages to enter brutal arena battles. Fight with the forces of the dark forces. Defeat all the enemies to be able to return the world to peace as before.

Download Age of Magic Mod – Gather a Team of Magicians to Go Deep into the Tower of Darkness

The context of Age of Magic Mod opens up a ruined, ruined world. Darkness was covering the sky, with remnants left in an unknown world. Every night that passes, the sky loses a bright star. A bad premonition of a cruel world to come. The rise of the dark army is the cause of everything. The world is being invaded by a legion of darkness with fearsome demons.

However, there was still the last glimmer of hope for the appearance of true magicians. The prophecy of the god dragon says that the magicians are the ones who will change the fate of the world. They will open wars to advance deeper into the enemy’s shadow tower. Only they can defeat the mighty darkness.

Tai Age of Magic Mod

The course of the war

Join the war of Age of Magic Mod. You will accompany the magicians to fight the forces of darkness. Gather a party of up to 5 mages to enter the fray. Each match is played in turn. Mages and enemies will take turns attacking each time it is their turn. They will use their personal power to attack the enemy formation. The war only ends when one of the two forces is completely defeated.

Which side stands firmly on the battlefield, even if there is only one force left. That faction will win. During the battle of the magicians. Your mission is to use the magic power of each mage when it’s your turn. Use the power appropriate to the situation at hand. From there, it is possible to destroy all enemy forces to win.

Age of Magic Mod

Enemies get stronger as they go deeper into the tower

The enemies of the magicians in the tower of darkness all possess outstanding abilities. Evil elves, magicians, monsters with impressive fighting power. Every battle of Age of Magic Mod takes place. The mages will have to face different enemies. They will use dark skills to attack them. Moreover, when going deeper into the defensive tower. The group of mages will have to face stronger enemies.

The appearance of large monsters will make the battle even more difficult. To be able to defeat them in fierce battles. You will have to change your strategy according to each match that takes place. Choose magicians who have the power to overcome the enemy’s abilities. At the same time arrange the position between the magicians to create the strongest battle formation.

Dowload Age of Magic Mod

Exciting game mode

Age of Magic Mod has a lot of game modes for you to explore. Test the power of mages in battle. Enter campaign mode. You will be immersed in magical battles. Teleport to the arena through the power of light and darkness. Meet legendary warriors, face dark enemies. It is also possible to discover the power of each mage through battles. Learn their combat abilities to harness their full power.

The PVP mode will help you enter online battles with other players. Use the power of the mages to defeat them and win. Or maybe go to the creepy mausoleum mode to fight fearsome enemies. Especially the treasure valley mode brings the magicians to participate in the battle with the treasure guardians.

Game Age of Magic Mod

Download Age of Magic Mod Apk for Android, iOS, PC

More than 50 characters are provided by Age of Magic Mod for you to explore. Typical are mischievous ghosts, goblins, demons, dragons, witches, bears, and cat wizards. And there are many other characters with powerful abilities. They are all magicians, with their own advantages, expressed in strength.

To assemble a group of powerful mages, capable of excelling in battles. You will have to find out the individual strength of each mage. Also, upgrade the power and add to the squad with different mages.

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