Age of Dynasties Mod APK 2.1.3 (Unlimited XP Point)
Age of Dynasties Mod APK 2.1.3 (Unlimited XP Point)

Age of Dynasties Mod APK 2.1.3 (Unlimited XP Point)

By CMB - November 6, 2021
Name Age of Dynasties
Version 2.1.3
MOD Features Unlimited XP Point
Size 86MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Strategy
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Price FREE
Publisher RoboBot Studio
Update November 6, 2021 (3 weeks ago )

Age of Dynasties is not only a strategy game but also a combination of role-playing and adventure genres. This special combination has attracted many gamers’ interest and attention. Released not long ago, but the gameplay has a fairly large gaming community. Battles are all competitions between online players. The fight is more attractive, more interesting than fighting the boss. Your task is to protect the kingdom, ensure the safety of the very young prince. The game’s plot tells us that the king of this kingdom has just passed away. Leaving the whole country to the crown prince, who was only 8 years old. You will play the role of a minister with the largest position and authority in the court after the emperor. The king is gone, the whole kingdom is counting on you alone. Other countries are watching and plotting to invade.

Download Age of Dynasties Mod – Classic Strategy Game

The basic gameplay is similar to today’s popular strategy games. You will build your own fighting squad. Each person will have a different tactical arrangement and army. Age of Dynasties Mod for players to show off their army leadership skills in each battle. As the leader in the kingdom, in addition to fighting the enemy, you also have many important things to do. Take care of the people, develop the economy in the kingdom, establish diplomatic relations with other countries. Accompanying you in battle are Alliances. This is the advisor, supporting and helping you in each battle. To be able to defend his throne. Don’t give any enemy a chance to overthrow this empire.

Age of Dynasties mod apk

War of Kings

Super classic battle with the participation and participation of many kings from different countries. You will be able to choose any country to become the leader with the highest power. But when starting the player will not have the yellow crown icon on the head. It is necessary to do the tasks assigned by the system to be able to become a real king. Continually learn to bring your kingdom to develop day 1 forward. Don’t let the country fall into a crisis when it is newly crowned. Many enemies out there are plotting to invade and overthrow your throne. Be careful, in case the enemy can come at any time.

Customize your character to your liking

Players can customize the king in terms of appearance, gender, personality, outfit, etc. Show the style of the No. 1 leader in the world. Continuous tasks will be assigned to players to perform. Each time you complete it, you will get 1 point. You can use the earned points to exchange for gold coins. Use that money to spend, buy costumes made of extremely high-quality gold. The price of a set of skins is not cheap at all. You should consider before deciding to buy an item. Earning coins in the game is extremely difficult.

Age of Dynasties game mod

The gameplay is quite difficult

Age of Dynasties Mod is considered one of the most difficult strategy games to play. It’s not because of the gameplay that the real difficulty lies in the tasks assigned by the system. Every day you will have to do jobs that require deep thinking, calculation, and vision. Each decision affects an entire country, so be very careful. And especially there are quests that I find to be like a puzzle. When you successfully decipher, the system will give you extremely valuable rewards. Be it a limited edition golden crown or a new outfit, etc…

Graphics and sound

In my opinion, this gameplay is quite pale in terms of sound. There are no effects, dramatic, lively elements taking place here. Even the background music is not available. However, in return for the sound, we get a pretty quality graphics background. 3D images create realism for powerful kings. The special thing is that despite the high-end graphics, the game capacity is very low. Only a few tens of MB so all phones can download and fight extremely easily.

Age of Dynasties mod apk

If you love the role-playing strategy game genre, then Age of Dynasties will be a really great experience. Although not giving you large-scale, bloody battles. But it also opens up opportunities for players to show their power and leadership. Build and grow your kingdom grow day 1 go up. Do not let anyone have the opportunity to invade and overthrow the golden throne. Download Age of Dynasties Mod to conquer all lands.

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