After War Mod APK 1.29.0 (High Damage)
After War Mod APK 1.29.0 (High Damage)

After War Mod APK 1.29.0 (High Damage)

By CBCC - March 13, 2022
Name After War – Automatic Robot RPG
Version 1.29.0
MOD Features High Damage
Size 53MB
Requires Android 4.4
Category Role Playing
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Price FREE
Publisher Rawhand Games
Update March 13, 2022 (3 months ago )

Explore the fantasy world in the future when participating in the game After War Mod. The game belongs to the Automatic Robot RPG RPG genre. Open wars with monsters. Along with unique features, helping players to enjoy the game at leisure. With the set opening in a dark dungeon. The gameplay of the game follows an engaging storyline. You will play the role of a boy A to build a Robot. Engage in dramatic, fierce battles in dangerous dungeons. What’s more, the battles are reproduced very vividly. Thanks to high-quality 3D graphics, combined with impressive combat effects. Give players a feeling of excitement during the battle.

Download After War Mod – Auto-Battle Robots RPG Battles

The story of After War Mod takes place during the 4th nuclear war, about 20 years later. In a small merchant village in the desert, called Hopeless. The people here rely on the trade-in military waste iron materials. Along with small mutant animal trade activities. Their work is very developed. However, one day suddenly appeared a lot of medium-sized mutant animals. Created for military purposes. They devastated the entire Hopeless village. Causing all the people to lose their lives, as well as their civilizations being completely destroyed. Only one person is lucky enough to survive the disaster, that is boy A. From a young age, he has been exposed to the technology of making Robots. Although he is quite young, he can perform the jobs of an engineer.After War Mod

Build a Robot, face a lot of enemies

Role-play as boy A in the game After War Mod. Players will begin a journey to avenge all the people lost in the village of Hopeless. Through collecting parts and components to create combat robots. Grow their power by constantly upgrading. Then will engage in battles with enemies in the dark dungeon. Here, you will face a lot of different enemies. The animals are mutants, but the robot controls the vehicle. Robots fighting, monsters invented by special manufacturing technology. They have different fighting styles. Can attack with guns or use swords and shields like a warrior. Make the battle extremely dramatic.Tai After War Mod

As the process progresses, the goal is to defeat the boss

Gather a team of up to 5 Robots to participate in the battle of the After War Mod. The gameplay takes place in the style of overcoming obstacles. Your mission is to destroy the giant boss. Before that, you will have to overcome the robots that stand in the way. They will appear to stop your Robot army from moving forward. When two factions face each other will open fierce battles. The Robots will attack automatically, continuously until defeated. In turn, destroy each group of robots that stand in the way of the robot army. Then will enter the final battle with the boss. Successfully destroy the boss with the fighting power of the Robot team to complete the mission. From there, you will receive experience points to increase to new levels. At the same time get gold coins to upgrade and build more new Robots.Game After War Mod

Maintain the maximum squad, combine to upgrade

In the battles that take place in After War Mod. You can maintain a squad of up to 5 Robots. As soon as a friendly force is destroyed, the position will be empty. Through Battle Formation you can select an existing Robot. Put them in an empty position to continue the battle. At the same time, that can also increase the strength of the Robot squad. Not stopping in, in the course of the match. You can also upgrade the Robots to increase combat power. Can attack enemies with higher damage. Make them quickly destroyed. Through the mechanics collected during the war. Can be used as an ingredient to combine. Match 3 or more robots to create a special Battle Robot. From there can increase the strength of the squad.Download After War Mod

After War Mod provides a diverse Robot system. There may be some Robots such as Battle Crow, Red Spiky, White Shadow, Sharp Shooter, Turbo Spear, Desert Soldier, etc. Each type of Robot possesses different fighting power. Shown through stats such as health, attack, defense, attack speed, hit rate, and importance. The higher the stat, the stronger the robot’s fighting power. At the same time, the robot system is divided into many forms. Includes general, common, uncommon, rare, and antique. Rare and ancient Robots are difficult to obtain. Because their strength and fighting ability are superior to ordinary Robots.

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