Adorable Home Mod APK 1.22.3 (Unlimited money, hearts)
Adorable Home Mod APK 1.22.3 (Unlimited money, hearts)

Adorable Home Mod APK 1.22.3 (Unlimited money, hearts)

By CMB - June 30, 2022
Name Adorable Home
Version 1.22.3
MOD Features Unlimited money, hearts
Size 107MB
Requires Adroid 4.4+
Category Games, Simulation
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Price FREE
Publisher HyperBeard
Genre ,
Update June 30, 2022 (2 days ago )

Adorable Home Mod is a game for those who love animals and peaceful life. If in other games, players need to do a lot of hard work, use their minds to earn money. Then at Adorabo Home, you just need to stay at home to take care of your cats and your partner and still have an income, even a huge salary.

However, those things are not easy, these seemingly cute cats are very mischievous. To take care of them requires players to be skillful and patient. When you earn money from raising them, it’s time to decorate your new home. With a diverse interior system, players can freely choose according to personal preferences. From the living room, bathroom to the bedroom, etc… All made by one hand.

Download Adorable Home – Experience a happy and peaceful life

In Adorable Home Mod, players will transform into a young couple who just moved house with their first cat named Snow. He needs to go out to earn money, the player’s task is to buy items and decorate the house to become more complete. Money for shopping is taken from taking care of mischievous cats. You can buy more of them after collecting enough hearts and unlocking them. Nurture the better they will give you more money. After having enough economy, players will start decorating the house.

You will design and choose colors for the rooms in the house by yourself. In Adorable Home Mod, there are many collections of furniture and designs in different styles. From classic to modern, all are very diverse. There is also a garden and swimming pool. Buy more items to decorate so unique and beautiful. Another interesting thing is that if you make the kittens angry, you will definitely not get any money. So make them comfortable by caressing, taking selfies, etc. At night when your boyfriend comes back, you can go to the balcony with him to watch the moon, drink tea, and then go to bed together. It’s great to have such a peaceful and happy life.

Adorable Home mod apk

Take care of your pet

Pet care is one of the main tasks in the game because it helps you earn a lot of extra income. Although they are kittens, they are very mischievous. This job requires you to be patient because the number of cats is quite a lot. There will be 3 basic steps to taking care of a cat: The first is to cut the claws, but you need to cut them correctly so that the kitten does not get hurt.

If you accidentally cut into the meat, they will scream and consider you have not completed the task. The second is bathing the cats, the player needs to adjust the water temperature so that it is just right, not too hot, nor too cold. The third is stroking their body, you need to remember the lying positions to stroke the right place so that the cat feels most comfortable. There are also extra animals to get hearts such as Dogs and birds.

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Graphics and sound

When entering Adorable Home Mod, players will feel like a painting. 2D graphics make the scene vivid and eye-catching. Everything in the game is very cute, for those who love the quiet and want to immerse themselves in nature. When playing the game you will feel like the main character in a love novel. Ideal space for players to write more different stories.

In addition, you can completely change the outside landscape to suit your preferences, such as Sunny, rainy, or snowy, etc. Melody music creates a feeling of relaxation and immersion in the scenery. romantic. In addition, it also helps you get inspired to create many unique and interesting stories.

Adorabo Home mod apk

Cultivate love Adorable Home Mod

At the beginning of the game, the player will be able to choose a character for himself and his partner. Every morning prepare bento boxes for your lover. It will take you 5 to 10 hearts to make them. Each food box has 3 dishes. The menu is designed quite diverse. The main dishes are rice balls and sushi. Side dishes include meat, fish, eggs or salad, etc. And finally, dessert has many different fruits, very rich. Take care and talk to your partner more. If they don’t feel love in the house, they will leave. Or if you also don’t get their attention and want to break up, the player will take 1000 hearts to do so.

Adorable Home mod

When you come to Adorable Home Mod you can see the messages of love and meaning in life that the game brings. Gameplay always brings new and interesting things to players after each update. Collect as many hearts and unlock more gardens to raise pets. Occasionally other animals visit your house as well. After leaving they will leave a certain amount of hearts. Download Adorable Home Mod to experience a peaceful and happy life with your pet and partner.

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