Action Taimanin Mod APK 2.5.36 (Menu, Enemies, High Damage)
Action Taimanin Mod APK 2.5.36 (Menu, Enemies, High Damage)

Action Taimanin Mod APK 2.5.36 (Menu, Enemies, High Damage)

By CBCC - January 18, 2022
Name Action Taimanin
Version 2.5.32
MOD Features Menu, Enemies, High Damage
Size 43MB
Requires Android 7.0
Category Action
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Price FREE
Update January 18, 2022 (1 week ago )

Action Taimanin Mod is an action game genre released by GREGORY GAMES INC, with an attractive fighting style. Players will enter an endless world of space, accompanied by beautiful female warriors. With the mission to destroy the monsters, are trying to invade the Earth. Since its launch until now, the game has attracted a lot of participants, because of its interesting gameplay and intense and dramatic matches. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access. The two popular applications are App Store and Google Play and are free to download to help you install the game for only 0 dongs.

Download Action Taimanin Mod – Fight With Demons

With the plot of Action Taimanin Mod extremely attractive, you will enter a contested world to win dominance between humans and monsters. Your mission is to help the world balance and prevent the dark forces from conquering the planet. The story begins millions of years ago when humans and demons lived together, they were part of the Earth. In order to keep the world at peace and avoid war, the two sides decided to sign a peace treaty. But the evil greed started to appear, they broke their covenant and led their army to invade the world.Game Action Taimanin Mod

Attractive plot

After the war the demon lord was sealed in hell, along with that battle between humans and demons has entered history. That treaty had also disappeared unjustifiably, but this battle was not over yet. Thousands of years have passed, the devil is still hiding in the dark to build a new army, with the intention of invading the world again. Not stopping there, they also worked on a plan to summon the demon lord, by breaking the seal in hell. Realize that potential danger will come if their plan succeeds. The government has formed a group of female warriors with magical powers, to fight the demons and destroy them.

Complete mission

Join Action Taimanin Mod, players will become the commander of the warrior team, with the task of leading them to complete the assigned task. Entering a fierce battle with 3D graphics will give you an unforgettable experience. The gameplay is divided into many different levels of gameplay, you will enter each stage and fight a group of demons of that level. Besides, there will be other missions attached to you, helping you increase your experience points as well as valuable rewards. Players will begin with the mission of fighting directly with the UFS organization to obtain chemical weapons, which have been previously stolen. Gradually over time, you will have to develop your character, so that they will have new powers and skills.Action Taimanin Mod

Character system

Action Taimanin Mod provides you with 3 main characters, with more than 30 supporting characters to help you experience and not get bored. They are heroes with the blood of Taimanins, possessing the power of destruction, even absorbing the power of the enemy and their own sea to fight. Your mission is what makes them the most proficient, to sweep and destroy the other demons. Besides the side characters, you will not be able to control them. Instead, they will automatically attack and fight with the main character.Tai Action Taimanin Mod

Upgrade weapons and skills

In battles, weapons are very important, because it helps you attack enemies with high damage. So Action Taimanin Mod provides players with a diverse weapon system such as guns, swords, darts, and spears. Each weapon will have its own characteristics, as well as different damage such as swords that create strong and flexible damage or darts that can attack from a distance. You can own them through purchase from the store or collect them in battle. Besides, players can upgrade them to increase damage, making them more effective in battle. In addition, you can learn new skills, after your character is increased to a new level. Then the skills you use will make the monster take more damage, and help you create more new fighting styles.Dowload Action Taimanin Mod

Graphics, sound

Hack Action Taimanin is designed with sharp 3D graphics, this is the factor that helps the game attract a lot of players. Because of the unique context with beautiful scenes, the character-shaping is meticulously detailed to help you have an enjoyable experience. In particular, the skill effect is extremely beautiful when used by warriors, shown through lightning and showing attractive power. Combine the quality of the sound with exciting music tunes, which you can feel through the character’s slashing and screaming.

When downloading the Mod version of the Action Taimanin game, players will experience the interesting feature. Skills will help you own powerful and unique moves. A lot of blood will help you fight the devil without fear of exhaustion. You can unlock all weapons, to destroy demons in the fastest way. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download Action Taimanin Mod to join the female warriors to destroy the evil commissars who want to take over the Earth.

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