Abandoned Knight Mod APK 1.9.95 (Menu, Dumb Enemy)
Abandoned Knight Mod APK 1.9.95 (Menu, Dumb Enemy)

Abandoned Knight Mod APK 1.9.95 (Menu, Dumb Enemy)

By thetoan - June 28, 2022
Name Abandoned Knight
Version 1.9.95
MOD Features Menu, Dumb Enemy, Gold, No Died
Size 139MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Games, Role Playing
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Price FREE
Genre ,
Update June 28, 2022 (5 days ago )

Join Abandoned Knight Mod and learn how to become a legendary hero. It is an idle role-playing game with addictive action elements and eye-catching 2D graphics. It promises to bring gamers an endless battle journey with countless surprises. In that journey, you need to control your hero and help him overcome a series of enemies from weak to expert and even Boss.

Use your hero skills and upgrade strategy to master the battlefield. The enemy is getting stronger and stronger, but you are not inferior either. The balance battles continued but became more and more spectacular and eye-catching. How far will you go? Join the game to find the answer for yourself.

Download Abandoned Knight Mod – Endless RPG battle journey

The role-playing genre combined with the idle action style makes your experience in Abandoned Knight. This action-saving gameplay can attract a large number of gamers around the world, why? The attraction of the game is not in the complexity of the operation, but in the story, action style, weapon system, equipment, and more.

It will lead you to the hero’s endless battle with dark enemies, a topic that is very close. Besides, by just clicking on the screen to play, you don’t need any instructions to reach it. You also have the opportunity to discover a very unique equipment system. They are useful to upgrade heroes, helping you to go further in your journey to explore the entire game world. If you love these, don’t hesitate to join now.


Idle but addictive gameplay

Basically, the game is a journey of a series of challenges. It does not have a clear level system but the level of challenge will increase over time. And the person participating in that journey is a hero with a weapon in his hand. He needs to overcome all obstacles and enemies on his way to extend his journey to infinity. Along the way, the hero will encounter a series of enemies from the world of darkness.

From the small ones to the big ones, possessing great power and a super large amount of HP. Through battles with them, the hero will go from amateur to a true warrior. But it is a long and difficult journey that requires both your skill and your combat experience.

As for how to fight, it’s nothing too complicated. You just need to click on the screen to help the hero deploy moves on enemies and see what comes next. However, the enemy will get stronger over time, which is inevitable. So you need to upgrade your hero with weapons, equipment, and more. After defeating any enemy, you will receive a corresponding bonus. Use them wisely to unlock new skills or buy many other things.


Hero upgrade and journey expansion

Gamers can upgrade heroes right in the battle journey because there is no stopping point in Abandoned Knight Mod. The game will automatically suggest some equipment, weapons, and items for you to choose from, but of course, you can choose to upgrade according to your strategy. There are hundreds of unique items from armor, gloves, hats, and shoes to weapons and support items. Do not hesitate to spend money on them, in order to help the hero reach a new level of strength. Besides, the game also integrates unique skins and pets in the store. You can shop them to make your hero stand out like never before.

Your journey will continue like that, but with increasing difficulty. It will lead you through many locations and encounter many types of enemies. From green forests to deserts, snow lands, dungeons, and more. Each place has its own beauty and behind that beauty are powerful lords who are always waiting for heroes. The enemy system is, therefore, more diverse than ever, making you feel excited to play for hours.


Classic 2D design with eye-catching effects

Although only owns a 2D graphics platform, the game promises not to disappoint you. It is designed simply but delicately, highlighting the heroic image and the terrible Bosses on many maps. Besides, the combat effects are downright voyeuristic. Each hero’s moves in the war are vividly depicted with full color, sound, and light. The sound in each action phase is equally real. Everything contributes to creating epic battles on the phone screen.


If you love an RPG game with idle gameplay, don’t miss Abandoned Knight Mod. It will lead you to an endless battle journey where you have the opportunity to meet and encounter a series of unique enemies. Increasingly difficult challenges require a wise upgrade strategy. A variety of items including weapons, equipment, items, pets, and more will help you conquer your journey.

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