1945 Air Force Mod APK 9.16 (Free Shopping)
1945 Air Force Mod APK 9.16 (Free Shopping)

1945 Air Force Mod APK 9.16 (Free Shopping)

By CBCC - October 21, 2021
Name 1945 Air Force
Version 9.13
MOD Features Free Shopping
Size 177MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Arcade
Get It On Google Play
Price FREE
Publisher OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Update October 21, 2021 (6 hours ago )

1945 Air Force Mod is an entertaining game released by OneSoft Global PTE. LTD has a fierce flying style in the vast sky. Gameplay will bring you to exciting experiences with the mission of controlling your plane to fight a series of enemy aircraft. Since its launch until now, the game has attracted a lot of people to join the interesting style, along with attractive graphic effects with battles in the sky. Currently, the game is developed based on iOS and Android platforms, making it easy for players to access and especially free to download on the App Store and Google Play applications. Only the Google Play app has attracted more than 50 million downloads, and received more than 100 thousand reviews from all over the world.

Download 1945 Air Force Mod – Airplane War In The Sky

The gameplay is quite simple, even if you are a beginner, you will quickly get acquainted with the gameplay as well as the flight control maneuvers. 1945 Air Force Mod takes you into a world on a vertical flat screen of the device. Your task is to move the aircraft at the bottom of the screen and forward, then from above will appear enemies are rushing down and attacking you. Now you need to control your aircraft to avoid enemy bullets and attack them completely destroyed. Not stopping there, gradually over time the enemy will appear more and more crowded, then you need to focus on observing and counterattack fiercely to win.Dow 1945 Air Force Mod

Fighting skills

Everything does not stop there because your ultimate goal is to win and destroy the entire army of the enemy. To do that you need to destroy the boss at the end of the match, with its giant size and outstanding combat ability. The player will need to use a lot of firepower and time to defeat them. This will be a very difficult challenge of the 1945 Air Force Mod for you because after fighting with the light aircraft, you lose a lot of energy. Also during the battle, the enemy will drop some items and weapons, if you want to exchange them, you can pick them up to use.Game 1945 Air Force Mod

Complete mission

During the fierce battles with the enemy, players need to pay attention to the energy bar in the left corner of the screen. Because it shows the current energy of the plane, if you get hit a lot, the energy tank will drain very quickly and until zero, the game is over. Along with that in the right corner of the screen of the 1945 Air Force Mod displays the number of enemies destroyed, helping you realize the stage of completing the mission. At first, your mission is as simple as destroying a percentage of the enemy and causing their army to lose. Gradually you will have to face them and find ways to completely destroy, or even defeat the final boss to win.1945 Air Force Mod

Diverse aircraft systems

In addition to giving players more interesting feelings, 1945 Air Force Mod has provided a variety of fighter systems. Each plane has its own type of firepower for you to explore. Along with that in the battle, the player can use auxiliary skills to help, but they will take some time to recover after using them. So you should use it when really necessary to increase efficiency in the battle. After completing the mission, you will receive a bonus corresponding to the achievements in the match, which are used to unlock new fighters or the ability to grant combat abilities.Tai 1945 Air Force Mod

Aircraft upgrades

Upgrade of the Hack 1945 Air Force is divided into two parts including upgrade in the game and upgrade outside the system. During the battle there will be some items dropped like weapons, they are used to increase the damage to your aircraft. If you collect more and more damage will increase and appear more bullets fly out. Upgrading outside of the system will require the money you accumulate, then you can equip additional aircraft to accompany the main fighter in the match.

When downloading the Mod version of the 1945 Air Force game, players will have the most enjoyable experience when discovering the limitless feature of money. With that money, you can freely buy the airplanes that you love and put them into your collection. Besides, limitless money will help you upgrade the power of the plane by retrofitting extra aircraft. Besides, the game is entertaining to help you have relaxing moments when participating. Download 1945 Air Force Mod to enjoy the fierce battles in the sky with the mission of destroying the enemy’s army.

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